Since I don’t have a car in Houston, I have taken Uber a lot. And, not to brag or anything, but I have like a 4.9 passenger rating. YAAS!

Before you call the Uber:

  • Call the Uber only when you’re actually ready to go. I’ve waited anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes for a car in Houston and Chicago. Sometimes, the car is right outside. Sometimes, the car decides to go for a wild adventure for 20 minutes
  • If you have a super long trip or a trip to the airport, I would suggest calling the driver first to make sure they are okay with your ride.

Before you get in:

  • Always check the license plate and ask who the driver is. Even if it seems awkward, I have never had a driver get upset that I double checked. If there’s no license plate, I don’t go in.
  • At a minimum, say hi and ask the driver how they are doing. Like anyone else, they don’t want to be seen as a human automaton!

During the ride: 

  • Don’t throw out all regard to safety! I never mention that I am headed home (“Headed to a friend’s home) or that I am going to an empty apartment. I also try to avoid holding bulky things if I’m alone.
  • Try to avoid bringing dirt and debris into the car. You can get fined ~$200!

After the ride: 

  • If your driver doesn’t get a 5-star rating, he or she is at risk of losing their ability to pick up passengers. So, think twice before rating someone average as 2-3 stars. For myself, I usually start with 5 stars. If there is a minor problem, I go to 4 stars. If there’s a major issue, I rate them 1-2 stars.
  • If you feel like the driver was exceptionally slow or circuitous, you can request a refund from Uber after your ride. I’ve done this more than once and gotten my money back.