I LOVE distraction when it comes to exercise. Flashing lights? Loud music? Lots of instruction? Yes, Yes, YES!

Studio Three’s theme rides are a fun twist on a normal cycling workout. (Ok – not actually fun fun but more fun than it normally is).

I went to my first theme workout with a friend for Tupac vs Biggie with Sho Pettaway. This workout was KILLER. We were going high on resistance and my legs could not take it. The music was also not especially inspiring to me as it was on the slower side.

The next theme workout I tried was One Hit Wonders with Andrea. I love old songs from the 80’s like “Twisted Love” and “Come On Eileen” so I was grooving the whole time. I came in after a long day and left with a huge smile on my face.

The last has been a dual ride with Erin Schirack and Bobby Gouse. I’ve liked Bobby’s rides before, but hadn’t been in Erin’s class before. It was so fun as both instructors tried their best to make the experience as over the top as possible. At one point, we had flashing rainbow lights, strobe lights, a loud Christina/Camila Cabello remix AND twerking. Wow. All this was enough to get me a Personal Best for Output!

Overall, I think theme rides are a great way to reinvigorate a solid schedule of cycling classes. It’s an easier way to try a new instructor, as they are putting on their best behavior. That said, if you are used to a routine (ex. always taking the Thursday at 7:30), I can see how a theme ride can be a little annoying. Not for me though! I’ll be on that bike with a huge smile!