Virtually every day, I end up walking on Rice’s 3 mile trail. Although a lot of the joggers don’t necessarily go any faster than me, I have to admit that I am a little bit different with my casual flats and ginormous purse. I also am usually not wearing running shorts or a tank top. Now, the important thing to visualize for this is that the trail itself is relatively large and can easily fit 2 large men or 3 small-sized women.

One thing that always gets me is that there is a huge range of attitudes of people running this trail. Invariably, I will have someone snarling or making a comment at me (“EXCUSE ME!”)…rarely does someone actively smile or say good morning. A “Good morning” is a little thing but it does help the ~mile I have to walk go by a lot quicker.

Do I think that the person saying “Good morning” is having an easier or better time on the trail than the one who snarls? At the same time of day and with the same track, it’s hard to see how the two experiences should realistically differ. The only difference is the attitude of the people approaching the trail.

I have been actively trying to incorporate a more positive attitude in my life, so that I can be more like the “Good morning” people than the “EXCUSE ME!” type. If I think a top is cute, I don’t hold that compliment in. I make sure to say it as soon as I can to that person. If I think of someone going through a tough time, I make sure to text them and send them good vibes. I also try to “shake off” any bad attitudes I have before talking to other people—if I am having a bad day, I might have to consciously think about other, happier topics.

I can’t say that doing all this will fix the world, or even make an appreciable difference, but I think it might be a better way to approach this trail we’re all on. Even if the track and the weather conditions are a little bit different for all of us.