If you have moved cities for your MBA, you will soon realize how many of your friends and family want to visit. Here are a few things that help take their experience from “good” to “amazing!!! let’s do it again!!”

Ask them about their favorite snacks before they arrive. Right before you go to the grocery store, give them a quick call or text and ask if they have any favorite drinks or snacks. Also, be sure to ask about any food allergies and preferences. You don’t need to go crazy, but having a 6 pack of their favorite Lacroix seltzer and a sleeve of their favorite cookies can go a long way after a long flight.

Be upfront about your own routine. Remember how it always feels like you are underfoot at someone else’s apartment? Be sure to mention when the critical parts of your day are: maybe you always want to have the last 10 minutes before you walk out the door to be very quiet and peaceful. If you don’t mention that to your guest beforehand, they may be put off when you rush a quick goodbye out the door after 10 minutes of silence.

Give a few restaurant, coffeeshop, and tourist-y options around your apartment. Even if they never go there, it will still help your guest feel less trapped! Make sure to mention the type of cuisine and what you normally order for restaurants. 

Ask them what they want to do! This may sound basic, but I think it’s easy to assume that your guest will mention what they want to do during their trip. Is their goal to see your city? see you as much as humanely possible? check out job opportunities? Knowing someone’s goals for the weekend will be very helpful in terms of planning your activities.

Print out their boarding pass. Yes, we live in the age of mobile boarding passes and airport food…but it’s so much nicer for someone to check you in and hand you that boarding pass. It’s a really easy gesture on your end that will mean a lot to that other person.

Overall, think about how you can make their time as a guest better. What did you love in other peoples homes when you stayed? Can you replicate that in your own home?