I haven’t ever been a morning person. While other people would like to crush marathons at 6 am, I’d rather sleep in and have a nice brunch. I can always walk later πŸ™‚

Here are some tips for better mornings:

Before you sleep:

  • Use a REM cycle calculator. Usually, it’s in 1.5 hour segments (4.5, 6 or 7.5 hours) and you want a buffer of around ~15 minutes for waking up. Never wake up groggy again!
  • PrepΒ a go-to great breakfast. I generally make waffles at the beginning of the week or fry up some eggs. I also have started to freeze some bananas if I am not feeling too hungry.

morning tips for a busy woman

When you wake up:

  • Wake Up Beautiful Playlist; This is inspired by Verily Magazine‘s “best morning playlist”. It starts out slow with piano ballads and ends with some pop rock. It’s totally cheesy but also gets my morning going in a nice way.
  • Try to avoid checking email when you first wake up. I know you are supposed to wait 30 minutes or an hour, but I generally check after 10-15 minutes. I have enough time to shower and make coffee “by myself”. Otherwise, I get distracted thinking about what’s on the docket.

Overall, I focus on starting my day off on my own schedule. The rest of the day may get off track, but those 15-20 minutes are mine! πŸ™‚