As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have a lot more take-homes this term than ever before. While it seems a lot less stressful than an in-person test, a take-home can still be overwhelming.

One of the biggest tips I would give is to keep track of all the deadlines with a calendar app. Even if you pretty much know your schedule, it’s a great way to double-check everything is submitted.

Once you have the schedule in place, then back-track the amount of time you expect each test to take. Also, think about your best times to be productive. For example, I had a six hour strategy final last year. I normally write better in early morning and at night, so I decided to take my test at 8 am. I set alarms for my bedtime and wake up time so I got my “window”.


Treat the test as seriously as in-person. I prepare my coffee and get my whole area set up so I am not walking back and forth. I also don’t leave Facebook or Gmail open. One of my favorite take-home study tips is a to-do list in front of me. Once a test is submitted, I check it off of my calendar and my to-do list.

Back up your test! The thought of a random keystroke destroying hours worth of work keeps me up at night. I normally edit in Google Docs or in a Dropbox file. If my computer does shut down, I’ve only lost the time it takes to get to a library to finish my paper.

The last thing I would mention is that there are often submission issues. If you have an extremely long take-home or many people in your class, your page may crash. Try to have an email set up to your professor or TA just in case.

All in all, i hope my take-home study tips help! Good luck!