Today is the first day of exams for first-year MBAs. Accounting, finance, and a huge marketing project on top: I remember it really well! Now, I have some group projects and take-home exams. While preparing for one of our group presentations, I was thinking a lot about the elusive MBA magic wand.

We were sitting around a table working on our final presentation. One woman after another mentioned that they didn’t want to close out the presentation. At first, I didn’t say much either. I normally like to present first — and so that’s what I’ve always done. After thinking about it for a second, I decided to volunteer to close.

The presentation was important, and this was an ideal opportunity to test out my skills in a relatively “safe” place. The class was tiny and the professor was kind; everything would be okay. (Spoiler: It went great! I definitely would volunteer to close again!)

Similarly, I am working on a venture capital externship right now with another classmate. The project is in a unique industry with its own vocabulary and trends. My classmate, though, had experience in this field for his summer internship. I swallowed my own pride and asked for his help in getting up to speed.

These small things add up to a full MBA experience or the “MBA magic wand”. You build up your own experiences through group projects, clubs, and internships. It’s uncomfortable and humbling to realize you need to get better at something.

Ironically enough, I saw this image on Instagram and immediately had to repost it. I know it can sound kind of obnoxious, but I really don’t mean it that way! I’m excited to see what’s next.

MBA magic wand

MBA magic wand