My exercise program got a huge wrench it when I got sick with the flu…and then bronchitis. All in all, I was sick for about a month! I could barely get my packages, let alone do a HIIT cycle class!

Here are some of the tips I’ve learned in the past week:

1)Make sure you are fully recovered:¬†I am a big believer in positive thinking but it is actually not possible to “will” yourself into feeling better. Even if you have leftover Classpasses or expiring packages! This was hard for me, as I like to get the most bang for my exercise buck. I had to keep thinking that any overexertion would only delay me further.

2) Give yourself some grace: I may or may not have dramatically thudded to the floor in my first aerial class back. I had to make the mental decision to do the best I could in that class, rather than beating myself up.

3) Use healthy food to fuel you:¬†It is cliche, but healthy food really does your body good. Don’t let a few slipups in class set off a spiral of bad eating choices! Think of this time as a “restart” instead of “the beginning of the end”.

Overall, I am excited to get back to my regularly scheduled programming of aerial, spinning, and boxing! I can’t wait to try the Pilates megareformer and take another Krav Maga class. Let me know what you are looking forward to this week!