Float tanks have been on my mind for a while. I don’t know if it was a particular movie or television show that got me thinking, but I would always wonder what it would be like in a completely dark tub!

At a Brunch x Burn event this fall, I won a free FloatSixty soak and was psyched to try it out for myself.

When you book, you get the choice of 6 experiences, ranging from a large tub with colored or no light to a complete immersion option (similar to a grave, at least to me, ha). I picked the beginner option 🙂

I showed up for my appointment on a Sunday night a few weeks ago with literally no idea what was about to happen. The front desk staff seems to mostly deal with “regulars” and I got a quick overview of what was going to happen: shower, soak, shower, relaxation room. You get a luffa, some ear plugs, petroleum jelly (to cover any cuts), and vinegar to blast out any sea salt.

The shower has some shampoo, conditioner (only post-soak), and body wash and is in those single-push containers you’d find in a public bathroom for soap. There was supposed to be music playing, but I didn’t hear any (it could have gone off when I was in the shower). Deciding I should just try to maximize my soak time, I hopped right into the largest beginning pod they have.

The first few minutes were amazing. It felt like being in the ocean without any waves. The light was dim and just set off a nice orange-y glow. After a few minutes, I stood up a bit and tried to mess with the lights to get full blackout, but it wasn’t responding. (That was probably for the best).

After I laid back down into the tub, I realized the foolishness of standing up. My hair, face everything was dripping really salty water directly into my eyes. Oh boy it was painful. It reminded me of that feeling you get when sunblock gets caught – that stinging irritation that you can’t do a thing about! There was some freshwater to spritz with, but it was ultimately just a few minutes of pain.

I can’t say that I entirely loved the soak after the salt in eyes moment – it’s a very personal thing. I flipflopped between “trying” to be zen/relaxed and being bored. Honestly, I think I would have been fine if I had just laid from beginning to end without getting the salt in my eyes, but it did kind of ruin an otherwise luxe/relaxing experience.

After I hopped out, I showered again and walked out to the relaxation room. I think this is the most underrated part of FloatSixty, as you have three rooms to choose from. One is a traditional beauty-salon type atmosphere, one is a very dark tea/book corner, and one is a very fluffy looking sleep zone. I picked the tea one expecting to chillax for at least 30 minutes. Unfortunately, because I had picked one of the last times for the soak, there were workers cleaning up…even though nobody said anything, I did get a move on faster than I probably otherwise would have.

I’m so so so glad I was able to try FloatSixty as it really is an incredible experience to do at least 1x. I think the next time would be better as I would know what to expect and really relax post-soak.

If you soak, I would recommend being careful of when you sit up (to avoid salt in your eyes) and picking a time in the middle of the studio’s workday. Let me know if you do go!