The past two weeks, I’ve been really under the weather. A driving cough and now a cold have really thrown off my normal routine. My first reaction when I’m sick is to dive under the covers, sleep, and eat takeout. Here are a few things I have learned:

Resting can be just as important as exercise. I’ve really changed my entire approach to fitness since June of this year, so it was hard to not go to my normal routine of aerial and pilates classes. It had taken me so much to go to those classes, and I was worried that it would be just as hard to get back into the routine. This led me to pushing myself too much at the beginning stages of being sick; it’s important to give yourself permission to rest and recover.

-Diet is still important. Even if your throat hurts, it’s not a great idea to throw out everything you normally do to prepare healthy meals. I went from daily healthy green smoothies to salty, heavy soups. Even if it’s not as “fun”, I am now making and eating healthier, vegetable-based soups to recover.

Don’t go back full-hog. We all have some exercises/exercise classses that are easier than others. I made the mistake of trying to go to a challenging spin class on Thursday, and my body immediately told me I had the wrong idea. An aerial yoga class based on stretching would have been a better way to ease back into exercising daily.

I hope to be back exercising at full force by the end of next week. Until then, good luck!