Chicago. Rooftops. A match made in heaven, no?

Bender (part of Funderground Wellness) takes this to the next level with the Bender Chicago Yoga series. For $20-30 (depending on time of signup), yogis can see the sun set as they go into their downward facing dog.

I was lucky enough to attend two full moon events in the past two months. It all starts with a very smooth check in process at the basement of Energi gym in River North. There are changing facilities and bathrooms available, but only on the ground level. Then, there’s a “warm up” with a climb up 6 flights up stairs! I’m already reaching for my water at this point…

Both yoga teachers made a point to introduce themselves to as many students as possible before the class, which I appreciated. It is those small touches that make any exercise event more fun and personal. Before long, we put on our glowing headsets, listened to the DJ, and got started!

One thing I would say for these events is that the yoga is more challenging than the average fun pop-up yoga event – there are handstands and other complex poses. Still, as a beginner, I felt like I was in a safe space to take my own adjustments.

Afterwards, there are always (of course) goodies to fuel up. The event sponsors were KeVita Kombucha, RXBar, and Kind Bar.

For the full moon event tonight, Wade Gotwals, Katy H + DJ Alissa Jo of Bender Chicago Yoga really created a fun atmosphere. I hope I can go to another next month! If you (or a friend) wants an easy way to get into yoga, I’d highly recommend the Bender series in Chicago!