101 in 1001 List (inspired by Mackenzie!)

July 18, 2016 – April 14, 2019 (28/101)

Learn Gmail shortcuts
Learn Excel shortcuts
Learn Powerpoint shapes (August 7, 2016-final intern presentations)
Learn to make a macro (Steven C. Chapra Introduction to VBA for Excel (2nd Edition)
Perfect my elevator pitch/story about myself
Attend a networking event for young professionals
Graduate with my MBA (May 13, 2017)
Write a letter to a mentor I admire (November 2016– really glad I did this!)
Give a speech in front of a large crowd

Sky dive in-doors (July 31, 2016 with my mom!)
Join a sports league
Do an adventure activity (ex. skiing, night kayaking)
Be an extra in a movie or television show
Travel solo (March 2017 – France, Hungary)
See the Frank Lloyd Wright houses around Chicago
Backpack in Asia
Take a very long distance train in a sleeper car
Learn to paddleboard (September 23, 2016 – still learning!)
Go on a hike (October 2016)
Go to a spinning class (Dynamo, March 2017)
Aerial silk class
Learn to box

Go without any processed food for a week (7/7) September 15, 2016 using Cravings 
Run a fun 5K
Exercise in a public park in Chicago
No sugar for a week (7/7) (Feb 2017)
9 hours of sleep a week (March 2017) (7/7)
Weight lift for a week (0/3)
Try Whole 30 for a week (7/7) (November 2016)
Get a real massage
Five minutes of asana breath at night for a week (0/7)

Create a vision of self by May 2017/2nd year MBA goals (October 1, 2016)
Do an annual review/life audit
Week without complaining (7/7) (December 2016)
Learn 100 words in another language
Take an online class (edx, April 2017)
Write three things I’m grateful for everyday for a week (0/7)
Improve vocal tone
Take a photo of outfit consistently everyday for a week (0/7)
Get a new professional photo for Linkedin
Take an improv class
Read 5 self-improvement books (4/5, How to Be a Person in The World, You Are a Badass, Subtle Art of Not Giving, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There)
Read 5 of remaining classics on Matchbook list (Sun Also Rises, To the Lighthouse or Mrs. Dalloway, Wings of the Dove or Portrait of a Lady, Gone with the Wind, the Bell Jar, Black Beauty, Pursuit of Love, Dr Zhivago, Anna Karenina, In search of lost time, Brideshead Revisited, Girl of Lumberlost, Cranford, Lady Chatterlay)

Relaunch blog 
Learn to knit (February 2017)
Create a series (web, tv, book)
Learn to edit photos
Host a viewing party
Cook a nice vegan meal for someone else (Tofu Scramble)
Cook a meal I’d normally order takeout for (Drunken Noodles on September 10, 2016)

Send someone a surprise gift just because (March 2017)
Join a nonprofit board or regular volunteer position
Give to charity (May 2017)
Donate blood

Create computer backups (May 23, 2017)
Talk to people who run classes/professional speakers (0/3)
Unsubscribe from newsletters (May 10, 2017)
Pick up fresh flowers for myself (Feb 27, 2017, Paris Airbnb)
Sell $100+ on Poshmark (April 2017)
Negotiate a large purchase (May 2017)